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At Junco Films, we are storytellers. We look through the lens of imagination to connect ideas and montage them into a compelling narrative. The idea is metamorphosed into a sequence of images and sounds to tell a story of emotions. We find the invisible cord that pulls it all together. Talented and committed producers, directors, animators, sound artists, and social anthropologists work together to translate relevant issues into stories to be told and retold.


The team at Junco Films can work together with you every step of the way to develop your vision from inception to release. We specialise in content development, audiovisual productions, and production services.





Head of Research

Ina Vaduvescu


Alexandro Rodriguez



Juan Manuel Biaiñ


CYBERWAR: Shutting Down The Infrastructure


An exploration of the intricacies and complexities of the cyber world in order to determine whether this revolution will empower to create or empower to destroy. The world we live in today has created and discovered new warfare arenas. We are now witnessing the transformation of the very fabric of reality and the emergence of a global revolution, which started in the virtual world, but has now infiltrated the day-to-day life.


Released: 2016

OUIJA Advertising



This interactive entertainment app was created to connect with the afterlife.


Released: 2014

Junco Films


Junco Films spot 01


Released: 2013

Nothing personal


Music clip - Moby competition.


Released: 2012

ARTICLE 12: Waking up in a surveillance society


The film is a thought-provoking expose on our current obsession with voyeurism, surveillance technologies, power and control. Starting from our own private spying habits, Article 12 examines how vulnerable and exposed we have become in our relationship to each other and as a society and talks about those who are gaining from this condition.


Released: 2010





This investigative documentary looks at the differences in educational standards between the state-funded schools located in the affluent Northern and the disadvantaged Southern localities of Buenos Aires. At huge personal risk, the teachers themselves see no other way of improving their students’ desperate situation than blowing the whistle on their public employers by telling their own story and exposing the issues they face on a daily basis. The film creates a distressing portrait of the systematic socio-economic discrimination within the state school system today which deprives thousands of children of a valuable education and a way out of poverty.


Released: 2009

Green Desert


The Parana jungle is a vast area of lush hills that spans over three countries in the heart of South America - Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. This once sheltered rain-forest has been the livelihood of native families for generations. Their plea to stop the bulldozers has turned into a global concern, as one of the world's “green lungs” is being sacrificed for industrial production of tea and paper, creating an environmental disaster. This documentary investigates the current sate of deforestation through the eyes of the local community and exposes the failures of regional and national governments to implement green regulations and control the expansion of commercial activity in this ever-receding rain-forest.


Released: 2007



Argentine beef is widely considered superior in quality and taste and served in some of the finest restaurants around the world. In this rare testimony we are taken inside the slaughterhouse and brought right up and close to the cow’s last moments in life. Matadero is a highly explicit document of the reality of our meat consumption and the conditions in which the cattle is currently being slaughtered.


Released: 2005



The Argentinean Bruce Lee.


Released: 2014



A Romanian wedding inside.


Released: 2014



Released: 2015

Hacking BT


Hackers take control of the BT tower.


Released: 2010

Hacking CCTV


Hackers take control of CCTV..


Released: 2010

Hacking TIMES SQ.


Hackers take control of Tames Sq.


Released: 2010

FC Cacho


Fede Cacho Argentinean skater... so check this out!


Released: 2011

Junco Films


Junco Films spot 02


Released: 2014

Street transformations


Being in the street versus being in the market.


Released: 2014




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